Artist’s Statement

I am a mother, grandmother, psychologist, psycho therapist, teacher and writer.. Yet, despite spending most of my working days reading, talking, listening and writing, I am primarily a visual person, am an engaged looker at the world.

As an academic I traveled extensively. I was fascinated with the sights of Europe, the American West, and Midwest .I began to study photography and took a series of workshops with known photographers in New Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam, specializing in photographing landscapes and people in their environments. I was mindful of the poverty, struggles and cultural complexities in the lives of the people in many of these countries

On the morning of 9/11, I watched from my 16-floor window the horror unfolding. I had been photographing the towers from my bedroom window for years. I was on sabbatical and spent the next several weeks photographing the happenings and memorials in the streets and parks of my village neighborhood sand pent that fall studying photography and story telling. I published a paper with photos about the photographic response to 9/11 called “Photography as healing”.

Following my interest in photography and story telling, I became a mentor for Bridges to understanding, a NGO headed by Phil Borges, a well know portrait photographer who specializes in photographing indigenous people throughout the world.

Our goal in the Bridges story telling projects was to take the children through the process of picture taking, editing, writing scripts, adding verbal narrative and music, thus creating a short film reflecting their experience and culture. These were then put onto the Internet to foster inter cultural communication among children and adolescents from different cultures. I went to India twice working with Tibetan refugee children at the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India, mentored Andean Indian children in the Sacred Valley of Peru and did additional projects in a township South Africa.

The photos I’ve selected for this site reflect my interest in natural landscapes and people from diverse cultures. Several have been include in shows sponsored by the International Division of the American Psychological Association featuring photographs from diverse cultures.

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